About Us

About Us

SAANVI ORGANICS, is a ROCA, FIEO, GCCI, SMERA, D&B, NSIC, MSME & INDIA ORGANIC registered company, established in the year 2010. We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of 100% NATURAL FERTILIZERS and Organic Fertilizer, With vision of Organic India - Healthy India - Cancer Free India we are offering Uniquely Formulated organic liquid fertilizers, organic manures, organic plant growth promoters, organic plant growth regulators, organic soil conditioners, organic soil additives, organic fungicides, organic insecticide, organic pesticides, organic macro and micro fertilizers helps to have more production, more quality, land fertility and more profitability from very first trial. Our ultimate Aim Is To Re-Establish The Real Science Of Nature and our goal is to help farmers no more destruct the quality of crops and their effects on human being and nature, making use of inorganic agrochemicals. All our products are based on "Charak Samhita & Aryabhishek", 800 years old Indian Science & Technologies. In the crop cycle, different farming issues can be solved with our top five products that are all 100% organic, including DR. GREEN (All In One Solution), GRENARY-18 (V.I.P.), GRENARY-18 BOOSTER ATTACK, GRENARY-18 GROWTH PROMOTER & GRENARY 18 (C). We pride ourselves to have Unique Formulated products that have given proven results in all crops in different Indian states. Quitting the use of chemical farming is an important step that farmers can take in order to yield better production quality, less farming cost and increase land fertility.

Concept of Our Products

A few individuals realized the importance of use of only organic agro chemicals and destruction inorganic agro chemicals are causing to the land, soil, plants and finally the health of human beings. And, in a farming suitable soil, weather, and water availability are not enough, it is important to use organic agro chemicals to provide balanced food to the crops. The promoters of Saanvi Organics are promoting the use of only organic products in farming. This way, farmers can maintain the safety of land and fertility of soil. Our all natural and harmless products, including GRENARY-18 (V.I.P.), Bio Organic Fertilizer, GRENARY-18 Growth Promoter and  Dr. GREEN are formulated to recondition the soil & farms, as well as maintain the ecological balance of the land. Saying no to inorganic chemicals, farmers can be assured that the vegetables and fruits produced have the original taste and are chemical-free.


Our company is honored by awards, like:
  • International Arch of Europe Award in 2012 at Germany
  • Skoch Order-Of-Merit in 2017 at New Delhi

We use the extracts of herbs and trees, along with naturally available minerals from Earth to manufacture our range of 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizers. The concept of Grenary-18 and Grenary-18 (V.I.P.), provides comprehensive solutions by four steps of farming and that are:
  • Moving the available nutrients in the land to the plant or converting the given nutrients in the land to the plant
  • Nutrients provided to the plant by the Earth ranges from 13 to 18.
  • Crystallization process to stimulate the Photosynthesis Process of plant
  • Protect plants against the attack of Fungus, Insects & Virus.

Our Vision & Mission

The vision of our company is to save soil quality and fertility for the future generations by stop disturbing its ecological balance with the use of chemicals. Our mission is to achieve our vision as soon as possible by promoting organic agrochemicals and make farmers aware of the damage caused by inorganic chemicals.

Why Use Only Real Bio Organic Fertilizer?

We promote the use of only Real Bio Organic fertilizer, because of the following reasons:
  • These fertilizers contain 13-18 micro or macro elements, such as Mg, Ca, S, Si, N, P, K, B, Fe, Mo, Cu, om, Zn, Mn.
  • The more than 100 kinds of microorganisms and enzymes present help in the decomposition  process and produce nutrients.
  • Quality natural substances are used for the making, such as coconut copra, rice, cocoa bean, and volcano ash.
  • Soil become more fertilize, when the pH level of it will increase to 6-7.
  • The effectiveness of this agrochemical will last until 70-100 days.
Quality Policy

We strive to produce only organic and high effective fertilizers and plant growth promoters, that exceed the expectations of farmers. We have a panel of supervisors to review and measure the quality objective at all aspects of business. The promoters review the quality policy periodically to always create suitable products that even meet the changing requirements of all interested parties.
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Contact Us

407, Aagam Complex, Pratap Kunj Society, Nr. G.B.Shah College, Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380007, India
Phone :+918045801359