Product Description

Benefits : 

•Protect seed from soil born attack & deceases like Insects, Fungus & Virus.

•Produce all required Micro & Macro Nutrients Like : N ( Nitrogen ), P ( Phosphors), K ( Potassium ), Ca ( Calcium), Mg ( Magnesium ), Mn ( Manganese ), Fe (Ferrous ), Zn ( Zink ),S ( Sulfur ), B ( Boron ), Cu ( Copper ), C ( Carbon ), OM ( Organic Metter) Etc…. for germination with good health.

•Increasing Seed Germination Ratio.

•Germinated Plants are with Strong Immune System.

•Healthy Plants are definitely producing More & Healthy Production & Quality Food.

How To Use :

•Deep Seeds in to Beejamrut for 5 Minutes and make it dry in dark and normally cool place for 12 Hours and Sawing it another day.

•Deep Baby Plants Root in to Beejamrut and saw it immediately in the farm.

•Shake well before use Beejamrut.

•Use Beejamrut in guidance of Company’s Technical Person.

Dosage : 1 Litter to 5 Litters/Acre ( as per the crop ) OR Recommendation as per technical person of the company.

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